The major show for connected, collaborative and efficient industry formed part of the first GLOBAL INDUSTRIE to be held in Lyon. France’s industry mega event runned from 5th to 8th March 2019 at the Eurexpo Exhibition Centre, Lyon.

Fresh from the success of its Paris launch in March 2018 and the general satisfaction of all in the industry and the public authorities, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE came to Lyon.
This was the first time that France’s leading industrial region have played host to an event of this scale that is totally dedicated to industry.

In 2019, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE moved to Lyon

Building on a success that was acclaimed in both France and abroad, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE returned from 5th to 8th March 2019 and has been hosted this time by the Eurexpo Exhibition Centre in Lyon.
Lyon makes sense for a number of reasons:

-    Alternating with Paris every other year allows a substantial fresh pool of visitors and therefore business opportunities to be tapped into.
-    The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is one of the EU’s most important in terms of area, population and the wealth that is generated there as a result of it strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, its proximity to major markets, its competitiveness clusters, its living environment, and its young, active and growing population.  
-    It is a major industrial region. Its industry generates 18% added value compared with 14% for mainland France as a whole and it is involved in a diverse array of activities, and in particular in semi-finished goods and equipment with a strong emphasis on exports. It has strengths in many cutting-edge areas such as: machines, digital, electronic components, energy, pharmaceuticals and medical technologies, screw cutting, rubber/tyres, plastics, eco-technologies … The Michelin Group, which has its corporate headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, is the region’s leading employer.
-    INDUSTRIE was already being held every other year in Lyon with increasing success. In 2017 it attracted 24,934 visitors (+22%) and 1,006 exhibitors (+17%).


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SMART INDUSTRIES at the heart of France’s mega industry event 

GLOBAL INDUSTRIE is the result of the joint staging of 4 major, sector-leading French industry shows that have come together to create the major industry event that French industry and its public authorities have been calling for so many years.
Held in Lyon in odd years and Paris in even ones, SMART INDUSTRIES took place from 5th to 8th March 2019 at Eurexpo Lyon as part of GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, in conjunction with

visuelindustrie.jpg visuelmidest.jpg visuelsmart.jpg visueltolexpo.jpg

It was a combination that delivers benefits to each of the shows through the synergy that it generates !


Ground plan for GLOBAL INDUSTRIE Lyons 2019 


SMART INDUSTRIES, a unique event dedicated to the factory of the future

The third Smart Industries took place in March 2018 and attracted around 400 exhibitors, 10 000 visitors, as well as thousands of conference attendees. 
It has been held for the fourth time from 5th to 8th March at the Eurexpo Exhibition Centre, Lyon, which was the first time that it has been staged in the Capital of the Gauls.
Occupying 11,000 m² of exhibition space, over 10 000 visitors came to meet 400 exhibitors for 4 days of business devoted to the theme of the connected, collaborative and efficient smart factory.
features :

  • a high-level conference programme, 
  • dozens of start-ups, 
  • customer know-how, 
  • special events… 

A central point of reference forming part of France’s industry mega event, supported by the Alliance Industrie du Futur [Industry of the Future Alliance] and the public authorities

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