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Arranged in 6 major fields

The exhibits at SMART INDUSTRIES have been arranged in 6 major fields in order to turbocharge the transition to the Industry of the Future and to shine the spotlight on the impact of digital on the industry of today:

  1. Product/process design covers all the tools and engineering services that contribute to the design of parts, finished products, processes, production lines… including areas such as modelling, simulation, virtualization, prototyping…
  2. Controlling and monitoring production equipment. Three aspects of performance are featured: control systems, traceability and the management of physical flows. This field also includes equipment such as: PCs or API/PLCs as well as MES or ERP.
  3. Manufacturing operations have been identified as the third element in the means of production, with the emphasis on two aspects of performance: precision and flexibility. The latest developments include additive manufacturing and cobotics …
  4. Production equipment services: integration, installation and maintenance services…
  5. Digital technologies lie at the heart of the revolution in industry, whether it be the Cloud or BigData.
  6. The organization of work is the last field characterizing the means of production and focuses on how Man can be integrated, whether it is through tools to assist with work such as augmented reality or cobotics, or through training in new technologies, which is vital for effective integration.

The environmental dimension and energy efficiency are addressed in the various areas.


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Key figures :

(sources: 2018 visitor data and survey)

  • 400 exhibitors were expected
  • 11 000 m² of exhibition space
  • 2 out of 3 visitors were decision makes: Director, Engineer, Executive, Manager, Department head…
  • 10 000 visitors
  • 1 full events programme
  • 1 unique and outstanding opportunity to monitor technology and develop your business at an event that brings all the industry leaders together.


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